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SINPE Interbank Transfers

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The SINPE Transfers module is now available in Bancobcr.com, through which BCR customers can make money transfers to other banks from the National Banking System. 


To make your transfers via SINPE, please take into account the following aspects: 

  • SINPE means: Sistema Nacional de Pagos Electrónicos (National System of Electronic Payments).
  • The IBAN account consists of 22 characters that contain both letters and numbers: two positions that identify the country (CR), two digits of validation, an additional space for the identification of the entity in the SINPE and the 17 character of its wire transfer account number format in force until July 2019 (Frequent Asked Questions).
  • The wire transfer account number consists of 17 digit, 3 positions: entity code, 14 positions: account data and 1 position: check digit.
  • The transfer can be made in any currency (dollars or colones).
  • The schedule to make transfers to other entities by Internet is 24 hours every day (7/24).
  • For services aimed at individuals through the following transactional channels: Bancobcr, BCR Movil and Banco Kristal, the maximum amount for transfers by channel is up to $5.000 (Five thousand dollars), per day or its equal amount in colones. Additionally, the SINPE Móvil service allows you to send up to ȼ100,000.00 colones per day through this means, in the different channels in which it´s available.
  • For services aimed at companies through transactional channels the maximum amounts are established according the own company operational schemes.


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For further information, please contact: CentroAsistenciaBCR@bancobcr.com
Telephone (506) 2211-1111

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