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Bill Automatic Charge (CAR):

It offers the Automatic Charge service allowing you to cancel your monthly bills, debiting a checking account, a savings account or a credit card.

You can choose the type of debit and the date you want your bills to be paid:


  • If you choose the payment method called: “Billing” the system will apply the payment of the affiliate service before the expiration date.
  • Specific Day: You choose the day you want the charge to be applied, either before or after the expiration date.
  • Maturity: If you choose to maturity, the debit is applied on the expiration day of the service registered at the CAR.
  • Remember that if you do not specify a limit in the maximum amount to debit option, or type “0”, the system will pay the affiliate service regardless of its amount.

To join the bill automatic charge service CAR, you may call 2258-9191 (Bancatel, option 11), visit the nearest BCR branch or our Virtual Office or Online Branch.



For further information, please contact: CentroAsistenciaBCR@bancobcr.com
Telephone (506) 2211-1111

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