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Secutity Tips

General Advice

  • If you receive a call offering prizes, offers or promotions on behalf of the BCR and requesting confidential information like account number, balance, login to receive the prize, hang up immediately and check the validity of this promotion at the BCR branches or at the Customer Assistance Center, telephone 2211-1111.
  • If you are discarding financial documentation (bank statement or voucher), be sure to destroy receipts.
  • Make sure you get your mail at home as it can be used by others for illicit purposes.
  • If any of our ATMs retains your card, you should report it immediately at telephone 2211-1111.
  • Remember to ignore any message requesting typing of your password.
  • Never accept help from strangers.

In your computer

  • Do not open emails from unknown senders or known ones but with unexpected information, check first with the sender and delete them if in doubt.
  • Be wary of instant messaging such as “chats”, you should be aware of unsolicited or unexpected messages, especially with attached addresses or files.
  • Do not access other Internet sites or pages while connected to the Bank website.
  • Read error messages and warnings displayed, if in doubt check with the BCR personnel.
  • If children use the same computer with which you access the Bank website, you should also show and teach them not to download programs from the Internet or open emails with strange or mysterious attachments, without your consent.
  • Before making a transaction, please verify account numbers and amounts.
  • Verify your account statements and report any mistakes.
  • When at Online Branch, do not get distracted from your operations, it is better to lock the computer or turn it off.
  • Upon completion of transactions, press the "Exit" button in the screen top right corner. 

Keep your PC updated with security corrections provided by the manufacturer of the corresponding operating system, in case of  Microsoft, see more information at:

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