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(Colones and Dollars)

  1. Legible photocopy two-sided of identification document of participants  - (debtor, co-debtor and guarantor).
  2. Utility service receipt or any other document for address verification.
  3. Income related documents:

·         Original salary certification for all participants, which does not exceed a month as of issue date. Such said salary certification must indicate gross and net salary, time in the company, position, and that salary is free of liens and restrictions.

·         If debtor or guarantor receives income for his own business, he must submit a CPA income certificate of one year minimum. Additionally, he must submit last twelve bank statements and if not available, business invoices or other income support documents for last year. Last, he must submit copy of affidavit on income statement for tax purposes for same period included in CPA certificate.

  1. Current copy of the social security employer slips for all participants.
  2. A certified copy of the cadastre plan issued by the Cadastre Office of the National Registry.  This process may experience delays in the event that modifications that National Registry shall carry out.
  3. Purchase option – property sell, if applies, should have an effective term of least 90 days.
  4. Appraisal payment.
  5. Tax municipal certification.
  6. If guarantee belongs to a corporation and there is only one attorney of it, it shall submit a shareholder’s meeting act duly registered in which loan is authorized.
  7. In the event of purchasing a joint-ownership purchase, submit copy of joint-ownership charter deed (filial lots).

Additional documents in case of house construction:

    • Approved construction plan/drawings by the Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y Arquitectos, including all necessary seals and stamps.
    • Municipal construction permit.
    • Construction work budget which should include if loan is to build or extend house, it must be executed by an engineer or architect member of applicable professional college.
    • In the event that loan is for colonization/settlement or cancellation of debts with other entities,  documents which prove that such financing started to purchase lot, purchase of lot and house construction must be submitted. 

Forms to be filled out

(Must be provided by BCR personnel): 


1.    Application form.

2.    Knowing your customer form with complete information and duly executed by the customer.

3.    Automatic charge form for utilities.

4.    Information request form by SUGEF.

5.    Collective life insurance Form. When accrued debt is equal to ¢25.800.001 to ¢51.600.000, shall submit PAG form and when higher than ¢51.600.001, submit form No.13, medical test application form.

6.    Affidavit of economic interest group form when accrued debt at BCR is equal or higher than $500,000.00 or equal amount in colones. 


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