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Banco de Costa Rica offers its customers either individuals or corporations who would like to invest quickly, efficiently and safely to obtain higher yield than those offer by tools at sight and at terms they want, various certificates of deposit in colones or dollars.  Through an extensive network and the Online Branch 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Printed  CD

Electronic CD

Printed CD

What is it?

It is a bond issued to the order, supported with contribution deposited by customer as an investment so that Bank keeps it during a fixed term at customer’s discretion and which will be later settled together with accrued interested.

This is a very popular product in financial market and works through money deposits at the Bank on which Bank will pay interest monthly, bi-montly, quarterly, etc.

Printed features of such certificates:

  • Banco de Costa Rica support as government financial institution.
  • Negotiable in any Bank of National Banking System.
  • Safety and support for funds deposited in the soundest government bank in the country.
  • Negotiable at National Stock Exchange.
  • Issuance amount: ₡100.000.oo, $1.000
  • Issuance term 30 and 1800 days.
  • Interest payment periodicity (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, biannual, annual and to maturity)
  • It can be a warranty for loans granted by Banco de Costa Rica or eventually in other Bank of National Banking System
  • It allows early payment through negotiation at Stock Exchange
  • No beneficiary appointment
  • Colones and dollar certificates will experience 15% Income Tax Law deduction upon issuance.

To who is addressed?

It is addressed to individuals or corporations who want to invest their money and obtain highest yield than that offered by tools at sight (checking or savings accounts).

Electronic CD

What are they?

Electronic CDs are investment deeds with many more advantages than printed CD versions.  It is an electronic record issued with debit support performed to a checking or savings account.  It is an investment title with such conditions for a fixed term set at customer’s discretion which shall be settled together with accrued interest as deposit into origin account.

Target Audience

It is addressed to individuals and artificial persons/corporations who want to invest money to obtain high yield through an agile, simple and safe system.


The individual or artificial person shall have a checking or savings account with necessary economic resources to support investment.

Issuance channels:

·         Counters at Bank branches.

·         Virtual Office (https://www.personas.bancobcr.com). Individual must have access to bank web page.


  • Minimum amounts of issues: in colones ₡50.000.00, in dollars $100.00, 1 to 1,800 days.
  • For amounts which exceed ¢1 billion colones or $1 million US dollars, please go to a bank branch or contact a bank executive.
  • Issuance term from 1 to 1800 days.
  • Interest payment periodicity (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, biannual, annual and to maturity).
  • Early payment through BCR negotiation.
  • Certificate can be renewed automatically or fixed term either for capital or interest as per customer’s discretion.
  • Capital and interests are credited to checking or savings account owned by investment holder.
  • Beneficiaries may be appointed.
  • Holder may change beneficiaries, accounts to be credited in maximum term of twenty four hours before maturity.
  • It can be a warranty for loans granted by Banco de Costa Rica.
  • Colones and dollar certificates will experience 15% to Income Tax Law deduction upon issuance.


Electronic CD

Printed CD

Beneficiary Appointment

No beneficiary existence

In case of loss, it can be printed at any BCR branch.


In case of loss, a replacement process must be followed


No forgery, theft or alteration risk.

High risk of forgery.


Early cancellation in real time (commission charge).


Early cancellation according to requirement agreement with Stock Exchange (commission charge).

Changes before maturity (beneficiary, credit account and renewal terms).

Customer must wait until maturity.

Automatic renewal.

Renewal upon Maturity.

Short term issuance (1 to 29 days) in both currencies.

Currently there is no short term issuance.

Investment information via email:

a.       Statement.

b.      Maturity Alert.

c.       Restrictions regarding accounts to be credited.

Customer is responsible for CD follow-up.

Currently it grants a plus in interest rate.

Lower rate than electronic CDs.


For further information on our products and services, please write to

CentroAsistenciaBCR@bancobcr.com or visit the nearest BCR branch.


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