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Quick Pass Device

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Request a Quick Pass Device here

*Device cost $35 + IVA and $1 + IVA monthly maintenance fee.

Proper Use of Quick Pass


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What is it?

How does it work?



What is Quick Pass?

It is the innovative toll electronic system in the San Jose - Caldera (Route 27) Highway.  This device is placed in the windshield which is activated while crossing the Quick Pass lane at the toll being able to go by without stopping.

Customers of Banco de Costa Rica both individuals and corporations who frequently use this highway may make use of it.

How does it work?

Once gone through by the Quick Pass lane, the amount shall be deducted from an electronic wallet linked to the banking account or BCR credit card. Customers shall inform upon subscribing the service the amount of the automatic recharge of the electronic wallet.  They can do it at any service platform.

What are the requirements to get a BCR Quick Pass device/service?

The individual or corporation must be a customer of the BCR and keep a checking or savings account and/or credit/debit card with available limit of credit.  The Quick Pass device cost: device costs $35(*) plus a $1 maintenance monthly fee. (*) once every 5 years of shelf life of the device).

Quick Pass Benefits

  • Automatic recharge to checking, savings account or credit card.
  • E-mail message information when automatically re-charging.
  • Account statements sent to email.
  • Device guarantee for four years.
  • Stop worrying about having coins in the auto to pay tolls.
  • Speed, you will not have to wait in line for toll payment.
  • Fuel savings since you will not need to accelerate/apply brakes as if manually paying lane.
  • Comfort since payment lane shall be exclusive avoiding traffic jams.
  • With Quick Pass you will be able to verify each one of your transactions and control date/time of them.

How and where can you request it?

Customer shall bring his identification card to Customer Service platform in any of the following branches:


  • Amón
  • Atenas
  • Bagaces
  • Cañas
  • Cartago
  • Centro de Negocios Barreal
  • Centro de Negocios Curridabat
  • Centro de Negocios La Uruca
  • Ciudad Colón
  • Curridabat
  • Desamparados Centro
  • El Carmen
  • El Roble de Puntarenas
  • Escazú Centro
  • Galería Escazú
  • González Lahman
  • Grecia
  • Guápiles
  • Guayabo
  • Heredia
  • ICE
  • Jacó
  • José María Zeledón
  • Junta de Protección Social
  • Liberia
  • Limón Centro
  • Lincoln Plaza
  • Manuel Antonio
  • Multiplaza Este
  • Multiplaza Oeste
  • Nicoya
  • Oficinas Centrales
  • Orotina
  • Palmar Norte
  • Paseo Colón
  • Playa Herradura
  • Plaza Aeropuerto
  • Plaza Heredia
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Plaza Real Alajuela
  • Plaza Rohrmoser
  • Puntarenas
  • Puriscal
  • Sabana Oeste
  • San Joaquín de Flores
  • San Rafael de Alajuela
  • San Rafael de Heredia
  • San Rafael de Escazú
  • Santa Ana
  • Santa Cruz
  • Terramall
  • Tres Ríos
  • Turrialba
  • Urbana Limón
  • Venecia de Carrandí
  • Vistana Oeste


Where to place the device?

Device is placed in any vehicle which does not have any special/armored windshield and permits signal between device and antenna. It is better, if placed behind the mirror in the dotted zone.  In some vehicle models, it will work if placed in dotted zone since windshield has a special coat than the rest of the area.  (See document Guidance-User-Windshield).

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What is the way the device must be placed?

Correct device position, seen from outside the vehicle.

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Please insert the support within the Quick Pass as it is shown in the drawing until it clicks.  In addition, remove plastic from support so that it is glued onto windshield.

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Quick Pass lanes in San José-Caldera Highway

Quick Pass exclusive lanes

Those exclusive lanes are for Quick Pass customers.  To access these lanes you should have a Quick Pass device and there must be enough balance in the BCR electronic wallet to pay toll.

Mixed Payments (Quick Pass + Manual Charge)

These lanes are equipped as both automatic and manual payment lanes.   Drivers with Quick Pass shall do the line and wait until cars without Quick Pass manually pay.

Panel messages located below street lights

Invalid Quick Pass: This is a problem a customer must solve with the bank, since for different reasons, and the bank may have requested to stop using the device as payment method.  Device will beep 4 times to alert you.

Quick Pass Recharge message:  user shall be informed that the available balance in the Electronic Wallet shall be zero soon and shall be automatically recharged to be able to cross.  Customers must keep enough available funds in accounts or credit card.  Device shall beep twice to alert you.

Drive Safely:  the user can pass by without any problem, the device will beep once.  Pay attention  to the beep so that it is not confused with previous driver/vehicle.

Vehicle without Quick Pass:  In this case the system does not detect any device or vehicle customer must give the device to the operator to entry it.  When entering it manually, system will eliminate previous charge, avoiding duplication.

Front Panel Messages in the Highway

Quick Pass Exclusive:  Exclusive lane for Quick Pass device vehicles and there is no operator in the booth. In the event of needing some assistance, driver shall wait so that operator comes to assist you.  This lane shows the Quick Pass sign.

Manual and Quick Pass Way:  this message indicates that lane can be used by owners/users of Quick Pass as those drivers/users that do not have a device.  Operator shall be in the booth always.   The lane shows the Quick Pass sign.

Manual Way:  lane for drivers without device but can go by and? – This lane does not have the Quick Pass logo.

Frequent Causes for not functioning device

  • Excessive speed at the toll, maximum speed must be 40 KPH.
  • Getting too close to previous car.
  • Driver has the Quick Pass device in his hand or other not adequate place for device usage.
  • Wrongly placed device in windshield.
  • People with more than a vehicle and only one device usually forget switching cars.


For further information, call 2211-1111 Customer Assistance Center (24 hours).

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