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Debt Consolidation

Consolidate debts that you have with other financial entities or with other well -known providers in the national market, integrate them into one, at a suitable time.

Our plan consolidates our debts generated by the following: 

  • Working Capital.
  • Machinery and equipment.
  • Working Capital and machinery together.
  • Acquisition or construction of buildings, including infrastructure. 

With our plan, your company may have the opportunity to achieve greater efficiency, allowing it to settle in the market in a much more competitive way.


  • It reduces the financial burden of your company, allowing it to improve its cost structure to handle a much lower capital cost rate.
  • Your Cash flow allows more clearance when your financial expenses decrease and you manage a suitable time.
  • It improves competitiveness within business sector.
  • It allows greater savings in operating costs and in time when managing one debt at a time.
  • It allows for greater liquidity as well as availability of working capital.
  • It is a program that benefits those companies that have demonstrated a good payment record over the last year as of acquiring debt with creditor Bank.


  • Financial statements.
  • Evidence showing liabilities origin.
  • Last receipt showing balance owed to the creditor Bank.
  • Evidence showing that the company is up to date on the Employers Contribution.
  • Guarantee to be arranged.

For more information contact your Account Executive, who will gladly visit you and will coordinate arrangements for implementing the Plan de Consolidación de Pasivos (Debt Consolidation Plan) in your company, or if you prefer, call us (See contacts) or write to us, and we will gladly process your request.


E-mail: CentroAsistenciaBCR@bancobcr.com

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