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What is Capital Legitimating?

Did you know that Capital Legitimating is the method through which an individual or a corporation processes and hides financial profits coming from illegal activities?   Capital Legitimating is known as Asset laundry, Capital/Money laundering or capital bleaching.

How to prevent Capital legitimating?

  • When opening an account or at the time the Bank requests your file update, provide correct and complete information
  • Inform the Bank officer about nature and destination of your funds when requested.
  • Keep your data updated (address, telephone, economic activity, among others).
  • Does not permit that third parties use your account for operations of unknown nature.
  • Does not give your identity document so that third parties open accounts on your behalf which only they will later modify.

Capital legitimating consequences to country economies cause negative effects to sovereignty, political and social stability projecting insecurity to citizens, labor force deviation towards illegal activities, and drug and illegal psychotropic substance consumption increase.

Let’s prevent capital legitimating!


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