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Taxis Colones Credit 

Investment Plan:

Investment Plan: Buying new vehicle for public transport (modality taxi), can be conventional or environmentally friendly, whether hybrid, electric, hydrogen or other clean energy. Also for units adapted to the 7,600 Law.

Loan Main Features:



Minimum financing amount:

Equal to  $1,000.00 or its equivalent in colones

Maximum financing amount:

Upon payment capacity and guarantee; up to a maximum amount equal to $50.000


Up to 5 years



Interest Rate:

Fixed rate the first two years the rest of the term variable rate.


Formalization: 2% and for environmentally friendly taxis or units adapted to 7600 Law 1.5%

Prepayment 0%

Finade Guarantees: 1.5% semiannually

Coverage percentage:

0% vehicle security and 20% contribution of customer.

Payment Way:

Monthly installments, variable, successive, chargeable to due capital and interests.






Other Conditions:

  • Owner of checking and savings account.
  • Affiliated to Bancatel and Bancobcr.com.
  • At least two utilities paid through automatic charges.
  • Proof of income (statements supporting amount indicated in CPA).
  • Certificate of tax payment.
  • Disbursement to the Agency must be done after vehicle registration before Registry.
  • CCSS payment Certificate before delivery of vehicle.

For Foreign Customers:

Permanent Resident – Free of condition

- Submission of residence card copy with name and signature of officer where certifies he reviewed original document.

- Upon amount and age, requirements are the same as for Costa Rican citizens (review chart of insurance capability requirements).

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Interest Rate Liability Disclaimer

Interest rates are object to change at any time without previous notice due to financial market changes.  For such a reason, information included in current web site is for reference purposes only.  Any rate related to a specific transaction or business, shall be the effective rate as of formalization date.

For further information regarding interest rates, please call Customer Service Department at (506) 2211-1111 or write to CentroAsistenciaBCR@bancobcr.com



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