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What is Development Banking?

What is Development Banking System?

DBS, for its English acronym, (SBD - Act No. 9274) is a mechanism to fund and impulse viable and feasible projects for micro, small and medium enterprises.

Based on three resource sources:

1- The Fideicomiso Nacional para el Desarrollo (FINADE or National Trust for Development), whose funds come from public budgets and other trusts.

2- The Fondo de Crédito para el Desarrollo - FCD (Credit Fund for Development) made up by 17% of private Bank “on-call” deposits.

3- El Fondo de Financiamiento para el Desarrollo – FOFIDE (The Fund for Development) made up by 5% state bank annual net profits, managed by each bank.

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Loan limits




Loan limit for each Enterprise or individual:

The maximum amount of credit or accumulated in any of the three funds is ¢350 millons of colones by beneficiary.

The maximum amount to be guaranteed is up to ¢65 millons of colones (FINADE).

Benefits for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise offered by DBS (Development Banking System):

  • Loan

Funding for technical and financially feasible projects

Resource sources are: FINADE, Credit Fund for Development and Fund for Development

  • Guarantee

Beneficiary may offer mortgage, pledge or fiduciary guarantees.  If insufficient, Bank processing loan may refer for assistance to the Guarantee Fund at FINADE.  Maximum guarantee amount shall be 75% for each beneficiary up to an amount of 65 million colones.

  • Consultant Services

New enterprise:

DBS offers professional consultant services for business creation or project investment plan.  Services shall be rendered by non-financial operator credited before the DBS, who shall pay consultancy costs.

On-going business:

DBS offers consultant services for improvement plan or comprehensive project diagnosis.  Services shall be rendered by non-financial operator credited before DBS, who shall pay consultancy costs.

Some financial operators:

Banco de Costa Rica


Banco Popular

Banco Nacional

Non financial operators:


Cenecoop R.L.







Cámara de Industrias de CR [Costa Rican Chamber of Industry]

Consultora de Estrategia y Negocios



Actividad Arrocera

Actividad Cafetalera

Actividad Cañera

Actividad Ganadera

Apoyo a Emprendedores

Arrendamiento Financiero


Descuento de Facturas

Financiamiento Microfinanzas

Financiamiento Pequeña Industria

Financiamiento Pequeñas Unidades Productivas Agropecuarias


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