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“Customized” Welfare Purse and Shopping Insurance

What is it about?

Is a “customized” insurance covering risks associated with the use of your debit or credit card of Banco de Costa Rica - BCR, such as theft or accidental damages to purchases made with the card has additional coverage in case of loss of documents and robbery or theft of your purse. The amount payable is established in each plan, the customer can choose available plans.


Who can purchase the insurance?

All individuals over 18 years old who have an active debit or credit card with Banco de Costa Rica – BCR (coverage is limited to one policy per insured).


  1. Theft of property or goods purchased using the card: Up to 2 hours after the purchases were made, provided they are purchased by the insured in any commercial establishment with dataphone or electronic data transmission equipment or manually and that the theft is committed by the use of force or violence against the insured, in defenseless state or under the influence of toxic drugs or hallucinogens induced by the offender.
  2. Accidental physical damage to purchases with the card up to 60 days after the purchases were made.
  3. Loss of personal documents: Abduction, loss or theft of identity documents which replacement preparation involves a cost, understood as passport, residence cards and/or driver's license.
  4. Theft or robbery of purse: property damage sustained by the Insured by theft or robbery of handbag, purse or wallet, and the loss or misplacement that such theft or robbery is made from items that are contained in it such as, but not limited to: wallet, glasses, music player, and mobile phone, among others.

How to file a claim?

The Employer and / or Insured, upon learning of the occurrence of a loss or damage should report it as soon as it becomes known to the Company by any means, confirmed in writing as soon as practicable.

The period for giving notice of a claim shall not exceed seven (7) working days from the date the incident occurred or from which the Insured had knowledge of it.

As mainstream media to give Notice of Loss are: through the phone line 2503-ASSA (2503-2772), Wa 6050-5995 or email:

The Employer and / or Insured must report the events before the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) (except coverage B).

Competitive Advantages

Has a 2 month grace period, no risk selection, regardless of the age of the insured the same premium is paid, rapid emission, no additional requirements, automatic monthly charge to your debit or credit card.

The main insurance exclusions are:

         The total accidental damage coverage applies to purchases up to 60 days after the purchases were made, excluding damages related to warranty, bad use, misuse, cosmetic damage, and goods such as jewelry, watches, motor vehicles and it´s components and spare parts, plants, specialized equipment and consumables.

         Direct material damage caused to the insured property by gross negligence or willful misconduct of the Insured.

         Direct material damage caused to illegally acquired property.

How can you buy it?

You can acquire this insurance in our branches or send your personal data to the address: and we will gladly return the call.


The plans and coverage amounts to indemnify are in costarrican colones


Special Plan

Basic Plan

Plus Plan

A. Theft of purchases made with credit and/or debit card. Maximum 2 events per term




B. Total accidental damage of purchases made with credit and/or debit card. Maximum 2 events per term




C. Loss of documents. Maximum 2 events per term




D. Protected Bag (theft of bag). Maximum 2 events per term




Monthly Premium




General Conditions Here (Spanish)

Banco de Costa Rica customized insurances operator not exclusive of ASSA # OA-A05-0070

The contractual documentation and Technical Note comprising this product are registered with the Superintendecia General de Seguros under registration number G07-43-A05-527 dated July 24, 2014



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