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Housing Loan for Social Interest

ABC Vertical Program

Investment Plan:  

·         For construction of a second house on second story.

·         For joint-ownership buildings or new building projects of two or more stories.

Addressed to:

Costa Rican persons who enjoy a pension granted by CCSS, Tax Ministry, Magisterio Nacional (Teacher’s Institution) and other regime acknowledge in the country and pension deposit is made in BCR accounts, with historical payment behavior in the Sistema Banca para el Desarrollo (CPH-SBD) level 1 and 2 according to SUGEF Agreement 15-16.

Housing loan for Social Interest- ABC Vertical Program:



Minimum financing amount:

  Equal to $1.000.00

Maximum financing amount:

Housing solution maximum amount in accordance with BANHVI


Up to  30 years




1% Formalization

Interest Rates:

Fixed rate 10.00% first 2 years

From 3rd year: TBP  + 1%

Maximum financing percentage:

Up el 95%

Appraisal payment:

According to loan amount.



-Disaster and Nature risks

-Different Risks


-Total and Permanent Disability

Unemployment Insurance for salary earners who meet conditions as permanent employee, co-owner employee or employee for definite period.

Note: These insurances can be purchased to the brokers and insurance companies authorized by SUGEFE. (Meeting underwriting requirements of credit).

Other conditions: 

  • Household income superior to twice minimum wage and less than or equal to 4 minimum wages of unskilled construction sector workers.
  • Reside or be willing to reside in districts that allow usage of housing bond to build vertically.
  • Subscribe a savings contract.
  • Maintain a consistent and uninterrupted monthly savings as agreed in the contract. If stop saving, you should be given an extension to complete term originally agreed.
  • If you own a lot, construction of the house will be financed on such property.
  • At least 1 automatic payment with the BCR.
  • The program applicant must be prequalified prior to program start.
  • The house cost plus lot value as the stated on appraisal report and the regulatory margins should not exceed regulations established by the BANHVI.
  • Being part of a household, i.e. a group of people under the authority of a chief or head of family living under the same roof and sharing the household duties. There must be at least one adult person.
  • Not owning a house or other property. In the case the family owns a lot.  The family can use the bond to build the house.
  • Not have previously received another bond, as it is given only once.
  • Must meet municipal and legal requirements so the corresponding Municipality can declare property under joint-ownership in order to register each property at the Registry of Property.
  • The minimum area for condo vertical housing construction is of 120 square meters. In the event the family will build over another condo, ground floor condo should be properly reinforced to support construction of the upper floors.
  • If there is no sewer system on the area, residual water treatment system must meet requirements established by the Ministry of Health for the treatment of common residual waters considering a minimum of 5 persons per household.
  • Therefore, should comply with the requirements related to minimum lot area in relation to coverage, capacity of septic tank, drainage length (suitable to the soil infiltration capacity) and other statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Houses finance using the housing vertical bond will bear same limitations that apply to all houses financed with this grant, i.e., the family may not rent, lease, and mortgage or sell the property without permission for 10 years, after deed execution.
  • In all cases requirements established by Horizontal Property Act, Regulations for the Control Division and National Developments, Building Code, Seismic Code in force and applicable County Regulatory Plans must be met.

Review requirements

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Interest Rate Liability Disclaimer

Interest rates are object to change at any time without previous notice due to financial market changes.  For such a reason, information included in current web site is for reference purposes only.  Any rate related to a specific transaction or business, shall be the effective rate as of formalization date.

For further information regarding interest rates, please call Customer Service Department at (506) 2211-1111 or write to CentroAsistenciaBCR@bancobcr.com

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