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Requirements for execution of cancellation deed

Dear Customer:

To avoid unnecessary setbacks in your loan cancellation procedure, we thank you for  complying with following conditions:

Office shall proceed as follows:

  • Submission of format for deed composition on encumbrance payment.  Please review document requirements.
  • Review attorney charts for encumbrance payment.
  • Provision of attorney inherent features of Conglomerado BCR and reference of legal standing record.


Note: Any branch could perform procedure.


Deed execution:

  • Formally registered deed
  • Whenever partial payments occur, there shall be an approved report to authorize encumbrance release which must be done by office in charge of operation.  In the event there is no knowledge of such office, any branch of the Bank must be contacted for such information.

Document requirements:

Payment deed text body shall not include names or data on individuals who are paying even when payer is the actual debtor nor including data on origin, condition, extension, and borders of lot (s).  Complete text must be in words (no digits).

Dear customer: when dealing with recent cancellations, if operation is paid cash, please wait 2 working days, if paid through check please wait 5 working days.


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