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Housing Loan for Social Interest Programs - RAMT

Investment Plan:

  • Lot purchase and house construction.
  • House Purchase.
  • Owner’s lotHouse construction.

Housing Loan for Social Interest Programs - RAMT:



Minimum financing amount:

Equal to $1.000.00

Maximum financing amount:

Amount maximum for housing solution as per BANHVI methodology


Up to 30 years




1% formalization commission

Interest Rate:

Fixed rate 10.00% first 2 years

From 3rd year: TBP  + 1%

Maximum financing percentage:

Up to 95%

Appraisal payment:

Upon credit amount


-Nature and catastrophes
-Various Risks

-Total and Permanent Disability

Unemployment Insurance for salary earners who meet conditions as permanent employee, co-owner employee or employee for definite period.

Note: Current insurance policies may be acquired through intermediaries and to insurance companies authorized by SUGESE (if complying with loan subscription requirements).

Other conditions: 

  • Affiliated to at least one BCR automatic charge
  • Program applicant must be pre-qualified before program start.
  • Lot plus house value according to appraisal value and regulation margins shall not exceed those set forth by BANHVI.
  • Be the owner of a house of social interest which requires improvement for security, sanity and/or stacking and continue living inside the house once it has been restored.
  • Be part of the family, that is, a group of individuals with a chief (either he or she) living under same roof and who share household expenses. At least one individual must be of age.
  • No other social interest bonus has been received.  Such bonus is granted only once.
  • Family income is equal or inferior than 4 minimum salaries of a non-specialized worker in the construction industry, adjusted by semester.
  • Under entity authorization may combine two modes keeping the maximum amount which shall be proportionally distributed as per required cost for each used mode.
  • For social interest statement purposes, lot value shall not be taken into account. Notwithstanding, construction work value shall include current construction as well forecast construction value.
  • A maximum and a half bonus is authorized for total and permanent physical disabled individual.
  • For construction of retention walls, an amount of up to twenty salaries is authorized provided that house meets inhabiting and safety conditions and a remaining life of ten years.
  • Operative and financing regulations, interest rates, guarantees and loan terms which apply to RAMT program are ruled by set conditions set forth by Financing System.
  • BCR shall submit technical report appraising investment with pictures which show house condition, detailed budgets according to mode chosen, maps and construction permits.

Review Requirements 

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Interest Rate Liability Disclaimer

Interest rates are object to change at any time without previous notice due to financial market changes.  For such a reason, information included in current web site is for reference purposes only.  Any rate related to a specific transaction or business, shall be the effective rate as of formalization date.

For further information regarding interest rates, please call Customer Service Department at (506) 2211-1111 or write to CentroAsistenciaBCR@bancobcr.com

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