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Fideicomiso Nacional para el Desarrollo (FINADE, or National Trust for Development)

FINADE Guarantee

Guarantee issued by Trust in favor of licensed financial operator credited before the DBS (BCR) to support funding granted to micro, small or medium enterprise.

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Process and Requirements



The FINADE financing fund shall push forward those DBS beneficiary projects.  It shall also include special programs addressed to priority sector and activities related to Rector Council guidelines.

Maximum amount

The maximum amount to be guaranteed shall be 75%. 

Guarantee Percentage

Features, conditions of diverse types of projects and/or requests, as well as guarantee availability shall be taken into account to determine guarantee percentage for beneficiaries.

Process and Requirements to Request Guarantees:

BCR as part of funding and guarantee request shall:

  • Analyze technical and economical feasibility of each enterprise and project.
  • Determine that applicant is an Act 8634 beneficiary.
  • Determine that beneficiary is missing such guarantee
  • Having credit approved and subject to issuance of guarantee.


At formalization, customer shall pay 1.5 % commission on guarantee amount and continue paying twice a year per remaining balance. 

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